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Digital advantage with aerops through cloud-based GAT management with PPR / service request, logbook and payment functions.

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What our airport partners say

Dr. Raoul Hille
Airport Hannover

“The digitization of our airport is a main topic right now. The expectations of many people and especially the younger generation of pilots have changed. We ‘ve noticed this with many of our other business areas. Mainly, in private aviation. We have to keep up with the times. In the future, we will simplify payment processes for private pilots by integrating aerops into our IT infrastructure. This is in line with our motto: ‘Flying made easy’. “ 


Wolfgang Kuhnert
Airfield Jena Schöngleina

“We were one of the first airfields to use aerops. The app represents a significant relief on busy days for the flight controller and for the pilots themselves we see an increasing acceptance. For both sides, there are significant increases in benefits.” 

Séverine Louzaouen
Aéroport Brest-Bretagne

"Le monde de l’aérien est un pionner dans beaucoup de secteur. Dans cette logique, nous souhaitons apporter aux usagers de nos 2 aéroports (Brest Bretagne et Quimper Bretagne), des services innovants et répondant à leurs besoins. Nous ambitionnons de moderniser notre processus de paiement et tous les secteurs dont nos usagers ont l’utilité dans les prochaines années. L’application aerops nous a permis de faire le premier pas auprès des pilotes d’aviation privée."

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